2017-2018 Degree Sheets now available!

The new degree sheets are here! The new degree sheets are here! That includes the new Pre-Law Option. As always American Studies has reviewed and amended the elective course list to provide students with maximum flexibility and depth in the field. We’ve combed the catalogues so you don’t have to! Know what counts for the major or minor in one quick glance. Here’s a link to the new degree sheets. Scroll down to the American Studies options. And, for those who don’t recognize my opening gambit, it’s a paraphrase of Steve Martin in The Jerk,a classic of American comedy:Steve Martin, in _The Jerk_

The big change for next year involves foreign language requirements. The new requirements read:

The foreign language requirement for the B.A. may be satisfied by 9 hours college credit in the same language, which must include 3 hours at the 2000-level, or equivalent proficiency (e.g., passing an advanced standing examination; TOEFI exam; presenting a high school transcript which demonstrates the high school was primarily conducted in a language other than English; etc.). Computer Science courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement. Currently Arabic and Muskoke are not offered at the 2000-level at OSU.

If you plan to take your languages at TCC, check with your adviser to ensure you are meeting the new “2000-level or equivalent” threshold. The Department of Foreign Languages in Stillwater is in the process of reviewing and approving the equivalencies for TCC courses. I know the Spanish equivalence has been approved, but I’m not sure what else at this point. Be proactive and ask. Don’t assume your coursework will count. And please note that Muskoke and Arabic won’t “get ‘er done.” If you take those courses, it would be purely for your own edification.

Coming soon (we hope–pending approval) will be options for a BS and BS Pre-Law in AMST. Stay tuned! We’ll let you know when and if those options become available. We’re projecting a spring 2018 approval, but approvals can get complicated. Keep your fingers crossed, and knock ’em dead during finals.


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