Value of the Degree?

What’s in this degree for me? Where will it take me?  

American Studies majors are trained to think broadly and creatively. In your classes, you will learn to identify problems, conduct research that clarifies the history, context, and parameters of the problem, and offer suggestions for solutions based on an analysis of the research. In sum, you will learn critical thinking skills.

American Studies teaches the “soft skills” employers are looking for. Our students are curious and information literate. They know how to

  • Speak clearly
  • Write well
  • Play well with others, and
  • Respect diversity of opinion and experience

For more information on the skills you’ll learn in American Studies, see

On the economic impact of an American Studies (and other Liberal Arts) degree, here is the latest research:

Additional resources to help in your pursuit of an AMST degree:

  • The American Studies Facebook page and Twitter Feed will help you keep up on events and opportunities in the AMST, OSU, Tulsa and Stillwater communities
  • Career Options page explains what you can do with a degree in American Studies.
  • The Internships page provides information about securing and getting credit for an internship. Contact Dr. Takacs for more information.
  • The Links page is full of information and academic resources to help in your studies of American culture and society. This includes digital primary and secondary source repositories and blogs of interest to the field.
  • The Writing Center in Stillwater and The Tutoring Services Center in Tulsa, for assistance with course work, especially drafting, proofing, and perfecting those papers you will write in your AMST courses!
  • OSU Library Services in Stillwater and Tulsa for access to books, online articles, printing services (in Tulsa), computers and instructional courses in research, writing, and citation style.
  • OSU Career Services and Career Services in Tulsa provide workshops on preparing for your future career, writing a good resume, securing an internship, and knocking ’em dead at that interview, etc.