Enrollment for Spring 2017

American Studies students in Tulsa and Stillwater have a variety of course options available for Spring. You can download a complete list of all courses–with dates, times and instructors–here for TULSA and here for STILLWATER. Flyers for select courses are available in the carousel. I’m including a couple of English courses that may be of particular interest to Stillwater students, as they deal with issues of race in American culture. Happy hunting!

AMST3950-ENGL4450 The South in Film and TV
AMST3550-ENGL3813 Native Arts ad Cultures
AMST3743-ENGL3813 Harlem Renaissance
AMST3950-SOC4950 Death Penalty in America
AMST2103 Intro to American Studies
AMST4910 The 1960s!
ENGL3663 African American Performance
AMST3333 Crime, Law and Am Culture
AMST3823 US as Business Culture
AMST4973 Senior Seminar in AMST
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