Internship Opportunity for Spring 2017

Those of you who took Dr Gray’s Tulsa Cultures course this semester may have visited with Ren Barger at Tulsa Hub. Ren is now looking for interns to help with The Hub’s social mission to “change lives through cycling.” If you are interested in non-profit work, social justice, and community organizing, this would be an invaluable opportunity to learn how those worlds work and contribute to the growth of a Tulsa community organization.

Tulsa Hub is a 9-year-old community cycling workshop and social justice enterprise, which provides community education, mechanical training, and, most importantly, transportation options to low-income, homeless, and other disadvantaged or marginalized individuals in the Tulsa community. They are in need of several interns to conduct programming (client-facing), assist with research, planning, and evaluation of programs (non-client-facing), or perform a combination of those tasks, depending on interest and skill level. Client facing activities include: education in cycling programs for adults and youth, or communication and resource coordination between clients and various social service providers in the Tulsa area. Non-client-facing activities include: conducting research on Tulsa transportation history and infrastructure, as well as  planning, assessment, and evaluations of programs. If you have bookkeeping skills, they need those too!

Workshop hours are 8:30am-2:30pm Tuesday through Thursday and 5:30pm-9:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays; additional times are available on Mondays, Fridays, weekends, and after public hours close. It would be great experience for anyone interested in a career in Social Enterprise, Social Work, Non-Profit Development and Management, or Social Justice.

If you think you might be interested:

  1. Read the Internship guide on the blog and check the resources on the Internship page for details about how to get course credit for your labors.
  2. Contact Ren Barger to set up a meeting to discuss opportunities and interests. Be polite and clear about why you are contacting her. If both parties agree the internship is a good fit, download and complete the Intern Agreement (in consultation with Ms. Barger) 
  3. Contact Dr. Takacs to set up a section of AMST4990 Internship in American Studies. 

More information about Tulsa Hub can be found on their website:  or see the video below


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