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Course Offerings — Fall

Fall 2019 In addition to the courses offered regularly for the general education requirements (ENGL 1113-1213 HIST 1103, POLS 1113, MATH 1483, MATH 1493, MATH 1513), the following courses are being offered and will fulfill American Studies Major requirements: Tulsa 3223 Theories & Methods of American Studies W 4:30-7:10 (Takacs) — HYBRID COURSE 3253 Globalization […]

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Graduation May 9

Preparing for the Job Market 1: What is my skill set?

Liberal Arts majors of all sorts sometimes struggle to communicate the value of their training to prospective employers. American Studies majors are no exception. In part, this is the collective fault of the Liberal Arts disciplines, for professors in those disciplines do a poor job of helping you identify and articulate your skill set, and […]

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Upcoming Events …

Upcoming events of interested to AMST students and faculty in Spring 2017:   Tuesday, Jan. 17, 5:30 pm in Stout 050 (STW), the History Club will be screening the film The King’s Speech. All are welcome and snacks are provided.     Friday, Feb, 3, 8 pm in the Student Union Theater, the Allied Arts Series will […]

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On Immigration and Nativism, some readings…

Those of you who have taken AMST 3252 Globalization and American Culture, or addressed the history of immigration to the United States probably know a little of the history behind Donald Trump’s appeal to “Make America Great” by “Build[ing] That Wall” between the US and Mexico. In case you want to do a little more reading […]

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Internship Opportunity for Spring 2017

Those of you who took Dr Gray’s Tulsa Cultures course this semester may have visited with Ren Barger at Tulsa Hub. Ren is now looking for interns to help with The Hub’s social mission to “change lives through cycling.” If you are interested in non-profit work, social justice, and community organizing, this would be an invaluable […]

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Re-take our poll…

Apologies for making you all do this again, but I just realized the software I used for the last poll did not allow you to see more than one question at a time. Thanks to all of you who responded to the initial poll, but could you please take a second and do it again. […]

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What’s Doing With The Faculty (1)

This is installment one in what I hope will become a series of blog posts featuring works by our faculty in American Studies. First up: Dr. Holly Karibo, History. Dr. Karibo received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 2012 and specializes in Border Studies with a focus on the North American Borderlands. She […]

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