What’s Doing with the Faculty (2)

UNT Postwar Colloquium (2017)Several of American Studies’ outstanding faculty were invited to present at a one day symposium on Postwar (as in WWII) Culture at University of North Texas.  Dr. Jeff Menne (Screen Studies, English) presented his work on Hollywood and the Postwar Corporation; Dr. Holly Karibo (HIST) presented new work on Federal Drug Treatment Policies in Postwar America, focused on a treatment facility in Texas; and Dr. John Kinder (HIST) presented his new work on zoos and rebuilding efforts in Europe after WWII. Keynote speakers for the conference were distinguished historians Laura McEnaney (Civil Defense Begins at Home: Militarization Meets Everyday Life in the Fifties) and Thomas Doherty (Teenagers and Teen Pics, Projections of War, and Cold War/Cool Medium, among others).

We thank our colleagues at UNT for inviting us, especially Jacqueline Foertsch, Sean Griffin, Mark Hlavacik, and Laila Amine.

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