Major in American Studies

Major in American Studies

The American Studies major (BA or BS, with or without Pre-Law options) is designed for students interested in bridging perspectives from several disciplines. The program combines structure with latitude in course selection and allows students to develop a plan of study tailored to meet their specific goals and interests. In addition to two required courses in American Studies (AMST3223 Theories and Methods and AMST4973 Senior Seminar), students will gain a foundation in American literature and history and may select additional courses in the humanities and social sciences according to their interests. Students interested in going to Law School, should derive their electives from a specialized list of course options.

For complete information on the degree requirements, see the various Degree Sheets (BA/BA Pre-Law; BS/BS Pre-Law) available on the CAS Majors page or download the “Finish in Four Plan,” a guide for successfully completing your degree in a timely fashion.

For a description of the courses available in American Studies, follow this link: Course Descriptions. Relevant courses not listed on that page may be included with the permission of the American Studies Director, John Kinder.

Minor in American Studies

The American Studies minor permits students to take interdisciplinary courses in American Studies that complement their majors in English, History, Education, Sociology, Political Science and other fields. The AMST curriculum will help students stretch their interests in new directions and apply a fresh perspective to the core questions of their disciplines. It will also enable students to strengthen their skills in critical thinking, analysis, research, and communication.

To secure a Minor, a student must take AMST3223 Theories and Methods of American Studies and nine hours of additional upper-division AMST prefix courses. Six hours of coursework in fields related to American Studies (presumably from the student’s major area) are also required.

For a complete list of courses and requirements for the minor, follow this link: Minor in American Studies.

Other Minor Options

Students interested in majoring in American Studies may choose to minor in a related disciplinary or interdisciplinary minor.

Students interested in studying issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and social justice in greater depth using a similar interdisciplinary approach are encouraged to pair an American Studies major with one of the following minors:

Students interested in minoring in the traditional disciplines should consult the relevant departmental webpage for details of minor options available.