Minor in American Studies

To Minor in American Studies, students must complete 3 hours in AMST3223 Theories and Methods of American Studies, 9 hours of additional upper-division AMST-prefix courses, and 6 hours drawn from a list of upper-division courses with a focus relevant to the field of American Studies. Students must also maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better and receive no grade below “C” in those courses  [18 hours total].

To create a plan of study for the minor, please contact the AMST advisors:

In Stillwater: Kevin Seymore

In Tulsa: Angel Ray or Sherry Clegg

During your final semester at OSU, ask your advisor to complete the Minor Form and send it to the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Certification Specialist.  A notation will appear on your final transcript indicating the AMST minor right below the major degree(s) awarded.

Required Course (3 hours)

AMST 3223 (H) Theory and Method of American Studies — Introduction to assumptions, methods, and theories of cultural analysis in American Studies scholarship.

Additional AMST Courses (9 hours; 6 hours must be upper division)

AMST2103 (H,D) Introduction to American Studies

AMST 3253 (H) Globalization and American Culture

AMST 3333 (S) Crime, Law, and American Culture

AMST 3423 (H) American Popular Culture

AMST 3473 (D) Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Am Film (Same course as ENGL 3473)

AMST 3503 (H,D) Television and American Society

AMST 3513 (H) Film and American Society

AMST 3550 The Arts and American Society (3 credits, maximum of 6 for degree)

AMST 3653 (H,D) The Body in American Culture

AMST 3673 (H,D) History of American Art (Same course as ART 3663)

AMST 3683 Digital Humanities

AMST 3723 (H,D) Sports in American Culture

AMST 3743 (D) Harlem Renaissance

AMST 3803 (H,D) War in American Culture

AMST 3813 (H,D) Readings in the American Experience (Same course as ENGL 3813)

AMST 3823 (H,D) US as Business Culture

AMST 3950 Special Topics in American Studies (3 credits, maximum of 12 for degree)

AMST 4093 Language in America (Same course as ENGL 4093)

AMST4103 (S) The Death Penalty in American (Same course as SOC 4103)

AMST 4553 (H, D) Gender in America (Same course as HIST 4553)

AMST 4593 (H) America in International Perspective (Same course as HIST 4593)

AMST 4910 American Period Seminar. (3 credits, maximum of 12 for degree)

AMST 4990 Internship. (1-3 credits, maximum of 6 for degree

Selected Upper-Division Courses in other Disciplines (6 hours) 

–> Contact the Program Director, John Kinder, to receive approval of courses not found on this list.


ENGL 3153 (D, H) Readings in Literature by Women

ENGL 3183 (D, H) Native American Literature

ENGL 3193 (D,H) African-American Literature

ENGL 3410 (H) Popular Fiction

ENGL 3453 (H) History of American Film. Lab 2.

ENLG 3473 (D) Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Am Film (Same course as AMST 3473)

ENGL 3813 (D,H) Readings in the American Experience (Same course as AMST 3813).

ENGL 4093 Language in America

ENGL 4200 Studies in Early American Literature (3 credits, maximum 6)

ENGL 4210 Studies in 19th Century American Literature (3 credits, maximum 6)

ENGL 4220 Studies in 20th Century American Literature (3 credits, maximum 6)

ENGL 4330 Studies in Native American Literature (3 credits, maximum 6)

ENGL 4450 Culture and the Moving Image (3 credits, maximum 6)


HIST 3613 (H) American Colonial Period to 1750

HIST 3623 (H) Era of the American Revolution

HIST 3633 (H) Early National Period, 1787-1828

HIST 3643 (H) The Jacksonian Era, 1828-1850

HIST 3653 (S) Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877

HIST 3663 (H) Robber Barons and Reformers: U.S. History, 1877-1919

HIST 3673 (D,H) United States History, 1919-45

HIST 3683 (D,H) United States History since 1945

HIST 3693 (H) The Modern West

HIST 3713 (D, H) Women in the American West

HIST 3753 (H) Trans-Mississippi West

HIST 3763 (D,H) American Southwest

HIST 3773 (S) Old South

HIST 3793 (H) Indians in America

HIST 3803 Food and Culture (same course as AG3733)

HIST 4063 Historic Preservation

HIST 4073 Digital Methods in History

HIST 4153 (D,H) African American History, 1619-1865

HIST 4163 (D,H) African American History, 1865-1954

HIST 4173 (D,H) Black Intellectual History

HIST 4253 (H) American Foreign Relations to 1917

HIST 4273 (H) American Foreign Relations Since 1917

HIST 4353 (H) American Military History

HIST 4453 (H) History and Film

HIST 4463 (H) American Cultural History to 1865

HIST 4483 (D,H) Frontier in American Memory

HIST 4483 (H) American Cultural History Since 1865

HIST 4503 American Urban History

HIST 4513 (S) American Economic History (Same course as ECON 3823)

HIST 4523 (H) American Environmental History

HIST 4543 (H,I) Vietnam War

HIST 4553 (D, H) Gender in America (Same course as AMST 4553)

HIST 4563 (H,I) Cold War


ART 3663 (H) History of American Art (Same course as AMST 3673)

ART 4613 Art Since 1960

ART 4763 Native American Art and Material Culture


ECON 3823 (S) American Economic History (Same course as HIST 4513)

 Gender and Women’s Studies

GWST 3513 (D) Theorizing Sexualities. Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123

GWST 3613 (D) Race and Reproduction in the U.S.

GWST 3713 (D) Gender and Representation

GWST 4113 Feminist Theories. Prerequisite(s): 2113 or 2123

GWST 4503 Theorizing Men and Masculinities. Prerequisite(s): 4113


GEOG  3243 (S) Geography of Indian Country

GEOG 3703 (S) Geography of Oklahoma

GEOG 3713 (D,S) Geography of the United States and Canada

GEOG 4103 (H) Historical Geography of the United States


MUSI 3573 (D,H) America’s Ethnic Music

MUSI 3741 Survey of Rock & Roll I

MUSI 3751 Survey of Rock & Roll II


PHIL 3413 (H) Ethical Theory

PHIL 3513 (H) Social Philosophy

PHIL 3623 (D, H) Philosophy of Race

PHIL 3813 (H) Recent American Philosophy

PHIL 3843 (H) Philosophy of Law

PHIL 4113 (H) Philosophy of Art and Literature

Political Science

POLS 3353 Parties and Interest Groups

POLS 3423 Voting and Elections

POLS 3443 Political Campaigns and Candidacy

POLS 3453
The Legislative Process

POLS 3483 The American Presidency

POLS 3493
Public Policy

POLS 3513 Public Opinion and Polling

POLS 3523 Money, Media and Politics

POLS 3533 Political Lobby and Grassroots Organization

POLS 3613 State and Local Government

POLS 3663 Introduction to Political Thought

POLS 3683 American Politics in Contemporary Film. Prerequisite: POLS 1113.

POLS 3953 (D,S) Minorities in the American Political System Prerequisite: POLS 1113.

POLS 3973 (D) Race, Politics, and Sports Prerequisite(s): POLS 1113.

POLS 3983 (S) The Judicial Process: Courts, Judges and Politics

POLS 3953 State Courts and the Bar

POLS 3973 (D) Race, Politics, and Sport

POLS 3983 (S) Courts and Judicial Process

POLS 4000 Topics in American Politics

POLS 4013 American Foreign Policy

POLS 4223 Comparative Political and Social Movements and the Politics of Protest

POLS 4363 Environmental Law and Policy

POLS 4403 Urban Politics and Management

POLS 4553 American Political Thought

POLS 4573 Democratic Theory

POLS 4623 (S) Oklahoma Politics Prerequisite(s): POLS 1113

POLS 4693 Women in Politics

POLS 4963 U.S. Constitution: Civil Rights and Liberties

POLS 4973 U.S. Constitution: Civil Liberties

Social Foundations

SCFD 4123 (S) History of Education


SOC 3133
(D,S) Racial and Ethnic Relations

SOC 3323 Collective Behavior and Social Movements

SOC 3713 Religion Culture and Society

SOC 4043
(D,S) Gender and Work

SOC 4213 (S) Sexuality in American Society

SOC 4333 (S) Criminology

SOC 4383
(S) Social Stratification

SOC 4443 Sociology of Law and Legal Institutions

SOC 4463 Technology and Society

SOC 4473
Oklahoma Environmental Sociology

SOC 4643
(S) Sociology of Gender

SOC 4723 (S) American Marriage, Family, and Male-Female Relationships