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Spring 2018 Course Offerings

[smartslider3 slider=11] American Studies students in Tulsa and Stillwater have a variety of course options available for Spring 2018. Visit the Course Offerings page, or CLICK HERE to get the complete list of what’s available where. Informational flyers for individual courses are available from the Course Offerings Page. For Stillwater-based students I would recommend our AMST3950 Topics Course: […]

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Enrollment for Spring 2017

American Studies students in Tulsa and Stillwater have a variety of course options available for Spring. You can download a complete list of all courses–with dates, times and instructors–here for TULSA and here for STILLWATER. Flyers for select courses are available in the carousel. I’m including a couple of English courses that may be of […]

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Minor in American Studies

To Minor in American Studies, students must complete 3 hours in AMST3223 Theories and Methods of American Studies, 9 hours of additional upper-division AMST-prefix courses, and 6 hours drawn from a list of upper-division courses with a focus relevant to the field of American Studies. Students must also maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better and […]

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How Can I Complete an Internship in American Studies?

As Director of American Studies, the question I am asked most frequently is “Are there any internships available in American Studies.” The follow up is: “If so, how do I go about getting one?” American studies does offer an internship course on a case-by-case basis under the designation AMST 4990 Internship in Am Studies. Students can take up […]

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Course Descriptions

American Studies 2103 Introduction to American Studies (D,H) Introduction, via topical case studies, to some of the major themes, methods and materials used in the interdisciplinary study of American culture. 2513 Plantation to Plate: Sugar, Bananas, and Coffee in America (H) Considers the historical impact that three food commodities – bananas, sugar, and coffee – have […]

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Major in American Studies

Major in American Studies The American Studies major (BA or BS, with or without Pre-Law options) is designed for students interested in bridging perspectives from several disciplines. The program combines structure with latitude in course selection and allows students to develop a plan of study tailored to meet their specific goals and interests. In addition […]

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