Smithsonian Launches Learning Lab

For those of you who have been itching to use more primary sources materials in your classes and to do so in an interactive way, Smithsonian has launched a new app called “Learning Lab,” which allows you and your students to search The Smithsonian’s digital Screenshot of Smithsonian's new Learning Lab appcollections, create tailored albums of artifacts related to a subject you are investigating, and even annotate, share and publicize the materials. I foresee such projects as addenda to the classic research paper and will be testing the app in my Theories and Methods of AMST course in fall (fair warning to all students enrolled in that course!). If you’re interested in seeing what the resource can do, check out the link:

If you have great ideas for how to utilize the tool in a class, comment below! If you end up using the the tool in class and the results are something you want to share with the rest of us, let me know. We’ll have you and your students do a profile on this here blog!

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